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Senior Pets Need Extra Care

By October 13, 2011 No Comments

Pets are considered to be senior citizens around the age of seven. Larger breeds may be considered “senior” even earlier. But being a senior doesn’t mean that their time is up. By paying extra attention to the following areas, you can help keep your old friend happy for years to come.

Wellness Examinations

With every year in your pet’s life being equal to about seven in yours, it is very important that your senior animal visit the vet at least once a year (ideally twice a year) for a wellness checkup. These visits are also an ideal time to run routine lab work. This is the best way to catch problems early and keep your pet healthy longer.

Dental Care

Oral care is one of the most overlooked areas of pet care. A healthy mouth not only can keep your animal comfortable and happy, but can prevent serious dental problems, kidney infections, and heart conditions.


Older pets may require different nutrition than they did when they were younger. Ask your veterinarian if your pet could benefit from a diet change.


Keeping your pet active is a great way to keep weight under control. Also, pets with arthritis benefit from being kept active. As your pet ages, you may need to change the intensity of activity depending on its overall physical condition.