About Plum Street Pet Clinic

Dr. Robert Biederman is the founder of Plum Street Pet Clinic, serving downtown professionals and Cincinnati-area families with dogs, cats, and pocket pets, as well as pet owners from the Northern Kentucky area.

With more than 20 years of veterinary experience, Dr. Bob is known for his compassionate approach and willingness to listen carefully to the needs of pet owners. He designs a wellness plan that meets each pet and owner’s needs and lifestyle.

Dr. Bob offers a wealth of knowledge and support for pet owners through a library of resources, his extensive training, monthly articles in The Northsider newspaper, and as host of his weekly radio program, Our Best Friends. His philosophy is: “No pet owner should ever want for information about the care of their pet!”

Dr. Bob shares his thoughts about his work in the downtown district:

“I started Plum Street Pet Clinic in April 2009, and quite frankly, I wish I had made the move many years ago. It seemed to me that the people of downtown Cincinnati should have a veterinarian in the downtown district. With the convenience of a pet clinic nearby, many pets would have the benefit of increased care, whereby healthier lifestyles for our family members translates into a longer and more cheerful existence.

The people of the downtown area have been very accepting and gracious from the beginning. It has always been a reassuring experience for all of us here at Plum Street Pet Clinic. From the first examination to the little squirrel with a broken leg, the staff and I have enjoyed it all!

Enjoyment in one’s profession brings fulfillment, and we plan to be here for a long, long time. I think I can speak for everyone here when I say we look forward to caring for all the pets of downtown Cincinnati . . . . I only wish we had gotten here sooner!”