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Shedding the Pounds…

By October 7, 2011 No Comments

It sounds so easy: eat less, exercise more. Actually accomplishing this seemingly intuitive task, however, is not that simple. This is also true for our pets. Studies show that American pets have expanding waistlines on par with the human population.

It is sometimes hard to look at our best friends as obese, but when we put things into perspective, it can be shocking. When you think of your 15-pound cat as being equivalent to a 218 pound, 5’4” woman you really begin to realize that all that extra fluff is more than just cute. Animals are prone to developing diabetes, and extra weight puts added strain on joints and organs like the heart.

Being overweight is no laughing matter. So where to start? Just like with an overweight person, you can’t expect your chunky chow-chow to go out and run a marathon. Gradually introduce exercise into your pet’s routine- maybe a leisurely stroll around the block or a 10-minute laser pointer session with your cat.

It’s amazing what just a little bit can do. Not only are you potentially adding years to your pet’s life, but you are also spending quality time with them. What more could you want?