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National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week

By November 7, 2011 No Comments

National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week is this week, and what better time to support your local shelter and rescue organizations?

Just take a look at the numbers, it’s not too hard to appreciate the need!

  • There are about 3500 shelters across the united states. These shelters take care of 6-8 million homeless pets.
  • Only about 50% of pets in shelters ever get adopted.
  • 63% of Americans have pets. Only about 20% of those pets have been adopted.
  • 25 million puppies and kittens are born every year. This number far exceeds the number of homes wanting to adopt.

Animal overpopulation is a huge problem, and your local shelter has committed to trying to help the individual animals and the surrounding community. It is important that the community return the favor through donation, volunteering, and other efforts to help slow the pet overpopulation epidemic. And please be sure to spay or neuter your pets.