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Are Your Pet’s Vaccinations Up-to-Date?

By November 3, 2011 No Comments

My pet is healthy. It never leaves the house. Didn’t my pet just get its shots? These are all common excuses for not having your pet’s vaccinations current. Here are a few better reasons, though, to make sure they are.

Rabies is not a matter to be taken lightly

People can get rabies, and the health department takes the matter very seriously. Pets that are not vaccinated and are exposed or bite may be required to be quarantined or even euthanized. Bats, which are one of the more common carriers in the Ohio area, can often be found indoors.

Many diseases we vaccinate for can be deadly

Diseases such as parvovirus, panleukopenia, and feline leukemia can be deadly, even with treatment. Why chance it?

Vaccination can prevent costly illness

Upper respiratory infections and other diseases commonly vaccinated for can be costly and frustrating to treat. While vaccination does not always prove complete protection (similar to flu shots for people), it often greatly decreases the length and severity of illness.