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Summertime Sizzle

By August 18, 2011 No Comments

Keep your pets safe during these hot, hot months. Watch out for the following summer hazards:

  • Heat Stroke: it’s not just for people! Pets, too, can overheat and even die from high temperatures. Never leave an animal in a car, even for a short period. Make sure your pet always has access to shade and fresh water.
  • Sunburn: it may sound like a good idea to shave down your golden retriever, but your pet’s coat provides insulation from the heat and limits sun exposure which can result in sunburn.
  • Heartworms: mosquitoes are everywhere this time of year and can transmit heartworms, which are just what they sound like- worms that grow in the heart. Not a good thing. Keep your pet on heartworm prevention as recommended by your vet.
  • Fleas: these nasty little buggers are at their peak during the warm months of the year. Preventatives prescribed by your vet are very effective at keeping fleas at bay.
  • Parties: Fido may want to crash the neighborhood block party, but be sure you limit his consumption of extra treats that may make him sick. Alcohol is also a big danger as well as garbage cans full of tasty treats like leftover bones.

It’s wonderful to be outside with your pet, but summertime can bring health risks if you’re not careful. Keeping yourself informed and aware of potential dangers can help to make sure your summer is a breeze.