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Give Thanks!

By November 23, 2011 No Comments

Thanksgiving is a time to remember how important our pets are to us and be thankful that they have touched our lives. Here are a few suggestions for how you can let your pet know how much you appreciate them:

Share Your Feast

  • Some Thanksgiving Day staples are safe for pets to share, in moderation. Green beans and sweet potatoes are often well-liked as is a small amount of well done skinless, boneless turkey. Pumpkin puree is another food many dogs and cats appreciate.

Show Them Some Extra Attention

  • Take some time out of the busy holiday to play fetch, go for a walk, or just snuggle.

Special Treats

  • While some pets can’t tolerate people food, they may like treats such as a new toy or a turkey-flavored chew bone.

Don’t forget your pet this Thanksgiving. Take a few moments to think about how much they impact our lives and recognize them this holiday season.