Pet Health Care at Plum Street Pet Clinic

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Pet Care Designed With Your Needs in Mind:Plum Street Pet Clinic in Cincinnati, OH

Raising a companion animal often leads to new questions, and Plum Street Pet Clinic is here to help. This section of our website offers information for each stage of your pet’s life, as well as specifics about disease prevention and wellness care.

Enjoy the following information by visiting the pages that interest you most:

  • Puppy & Kitten Care—We give you the basic care essentials for bringing home a young pet.
  • Pet Vaccinations—Vaccinations offer prevention from disease for dogs, cats, and pocket pets.
  • Pet Wellness—Our attitude of prevention and wellness care enhances health and longevity in pets.
  • Senior Pet Care—Your old friend deserves the best, including veterinary exams twice annually.

Dr. Bob and the staff of Plum Street Pet Clinic are pleased to provide you with more specific information about the health of your special dog, cat, or pocket pet. Simply contact our office to schedule an appointment for your pet.