The Veterinary Team of Plum Street Pet Clinic

Visit Plum Street Pet Clinic in the beautiful historic district of downtown Cincinnati, where caring and concern are right around the corner.

Meet the Veterinary Team of Plum Street Pet Clinic in Downtown Cincinnati, OH

Dr. Robert Biederman, founder of Plum Street Pet Clinic

Dr. Robert BiedermanDr. Robert Biederman is the founder of Plum Street Pet Clinic, serving downtown professionals and Cincinnati-area families with dogs, cats, and pocket pets, as well as pet owners from the Northern Kentucky area.

Visit the About Us page to hear what Dr. Bob has to tell you about working in downtown Cincinnati.

Leigh McCracken, Office Manager

Leigh McCrackenLeigh McCracken was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, and has attended the University of Cincinnati for the past 5 years (focused in communications and veterinary sciences). She has worked for Dr. Bob since May 2009 as a receptionist, assistant, and office manager and takes great pleasure in what she does.

Besides her beloved time when she is at the clinic, Leigh likes to go on frequent walks around the city with her best friend, a rat terrier named Mr. Peanut Buttertons. She also enjoys watching films and reading.

Big Al, Clinic Cat

Big AlBig Al is actually a female feline, despite her name (that leads some to believe she is actually "a big man with a gambling problem"). Big Al is the clinic cat of Plum Street Pet Clinic, and she takes her role very seriously. She greets every patient at the elevator and makes sure they are where they need to be! Big Al lives in her fantasy that she really does control the ownership of the clinicís second floor.

In her off time, Big Al enjoys sleeping, watching birds, and harassing people for wet cat food. Dr. Bobís nickname for her is taken to heart because, at the clinic, we believe Big Al was formerly the nosy Mrs. Kravitz from Bewitched!

Mr. Peanut Buttertons, Clinic Mascot

Mr. Peanut Buttertons"Peanut" for short, Mr. Peanut Buttertons is a rat terrier mix and he works at Plum Street Pet Clinic full time. He is the clinic mascot and loves to welcome all new clients with a not-so-welcoming bark. Although he is less than 15 pounds, he carries the heart of a lion in his oh-so-tiny chest.

Peanutís time spent away from the clinic consists of walks, runs, and shopping (at the pet store, of course). Dr. Bobís professional opinion is, "The only thing that overpowers his intelligence is his sense of self-worth."